Who We Are

PawSoft consists of just two people. Here's a little bit about us both.

Paul Wolfenden

Design, Development, Support, Website

Paul is responsible for most of what PawSoft is and does. The 'Paw' in PawSoft comes from his initials. He has been designing websites since 1997 and writing programs since 1999. His first proper computer was a Sinclair Spectrum +2 with 128KB RAM in the late 1980's. Even back then programming was a fascination and he created a few simple programs in the BASIC language of the system.

Donna Wolfenden

Testing, Marketing, Additional Development

Donna's job description is harder to pin down as she tends to fill in any gaps left by Paul. Her work however is of no less importance. She thoroughly tests all PawSoft programs before release to ensure they are bug-free and work as expected. Once a program is released she then markets it so that prospective users know what they're missing. Finally, she also does additional programming on various PawSoft products.