PawClock Change Log

A history of changes between PawClock versions.

Key: NEW = new feature, CNG = change, FIX = bug fix.

Version 2.95

NEW: Atomic TimeSync > option to auto-timesync on program startup (Options > General)
NEW: Atomic TimeSync > support for timezones with half-hour increments
NEW: Atomic TimeSync > reset UTC bias to system value
CNG: Removed snow theme and replaced it with plain theme in options
CNG: Replaced ReadMe.txt and WhatsNew.txt with single HTML read me
CNG: Different pastel colours replaced on options dialog
FIX: Error messages when closing PawClock using taskbar item (right-click > 'Close')
FIX: Error 380 caused by setting PawClock to half size and using a border width of 1
FIX: Email PawSoft menu item not working with some mail clients
FIX: PawClock allowing multiple instances, causing potential problems

Version 2.94

NEW: PawClock is freeware again!
CHG: Updated all links from to
CNG: Splash screen removed to reduce the file size slightly
CNG: About box updated to new PawSoft style

Version 2.93

NEW: Online new version checker added (available from Help menu)
NEW: Additional 'Plain' theme pack added to standard themes
CNG: Redesign of ATS retrieve system (previously Inet now uses Winsock)
CNG: ATS server list updated to match new retrieval system (now 3 working servers)
CNG: Updated HTML Help to include new registration methods, also altered design slightly
FIX: PawClock ToolTips out of date
FIX: Font installation bug - now installs with the program installer rather on first run
FIX: 14 day 'no' trial bug (U.S mm/dd/yy date format)
FIX: Options> Clock Text color (Morning, Daytime, Evening or Night Color) updates program
FIX: Time positioned incorrectly in Double Size mode
FIX: Bug in FullScreen mode where settings aren't updated
FIX: Clock 'jump' where text moved down and left by a pixel on first run of options

Version 2.92

NEW: Full help system included with PawClock
NEW: Added 'Themes' menu to main PawClock menu for instant theme switching
NEW: Included hi-resolution snow theme pack with this release
CNG: Alarm sound selection defaults to Windows\Media directory
CNG: Switched to a high resolution timer (that means less or even no second skipping)
CNG: Reduced ATS timeout to 20 seconds
CNG: Improved loading time of main program
CNG: Improved layout and added keyboard shortcuts to ATS
CNG: Trimmed executable size by about 30KB (and then put it back with the above changes!)
CNG: Placed About, Read Me and Whats New items in new Help menu
CNG: Redesigned about box to match new PawSoft style
CNG: Switched to NSIS for installation/uninstallation system
CNG: Removed SimpleMM control and replaced with simple code
CNG: Removed file browsing form and replaced with Windows common dialog
CNG: Changed clock text color selection system in Options
CNG: Improved Images Options dialog with new theme buttons and info
CNG: Improved error handling so that it an error log is now kept
CNG: Removed a small amount of old test code for a screensaver mode
FIX: Bug in ATS that caused time to go wrong on a second update
FIX: Not removing the shortcut to PawClock when 'Start with Windows' is disabled
FIX: Broke and then fixed ATS for some users
FIX: Object Required error when loading theme pack
FIX: Reload on unload problem that could cause strange behaviour
FIX: Error 35758 that a few people were getting in Atomic TimeSync
FIX: Clock getting stuck in fullscreen mode at some resolutions

Version 2.911

-Fixed problem with daylight savings time in Atomic TimeSync
-More small visual improvements to Atomic TimeSync
-Made Atomic TimeSync a lot more stable with better error handling

Version 2.91

-DigiClock is now called PawClock and is made by PawSoft not PsySoft
-Large white border bug fixed
-Shortened loading time by removing some repeated functions
-Enhanced layout for Atomic TimeSync for increased usability

Version 2.9

-Improved visual aspects of Options dialog
-Added 'Set System Time' to options and 'Set Timezone' to ATS
-Added option to adjust the bias applied to the Updated Time in ATS
-Added new help information to Atomic TimeSync
-Added new option to have blinking colons in the main view
-Added new server to Atomic TimeSync and fixed small visual bugs
-New size toggle; Half, Normal or Double size DigiClock

Version 2.81

-Fixed 'missing seconds' bug that caused the occasional second to skip
-Added tooltips to lots of non-obvious parts of DigiClock (like options and ATS)
-Atomic TimeSync now adds Daylight and Standard Bias to UTC Bias
-New Options to change the border thickness of the main clock
-Fontsize and position now reflected in Image Options as well as Clock Options
-Some visual problems with Clock Options fixed
-Bugs fixed in Atomic TimeSync (please report any that you get now)

Version 2.8

-Shows clock on taskbar when Always On Top is off
-Thicker black border around DigiClock (tell us if you don't like it!)
-Clock now properly central in 12 hour mode
-Fixed fullscreen mode only showing time in 24 hour format
-Fixed problems with 'Start with Windows' option not working correctly
-DigiClock Atomic TimeSync version 0.8 for clock synchronisation
-New instant options menu for quick access to common options
-Minor visual bugs fixed on Alarm Options dialog
-New options section for setting clock fontsize and position
-Double-click alarm icon to edit the alarm options
-File browser now remembers four different sets of last used paths
-Improved Always on Top support, but still problems with NT/2000
-No longer uses SSINI.DLL to handle DCPs, now done internally

Version 2.75

-DigiClock registers DCP files with DC for opening from Explorer etc
-Added ability to set the message for the alarm function
-Added function to load backgrounds and colours from a DCP file
-Moved options tabs to top of dialog (more standard)
-Fixed tiny bug where closing DC on taskbar didn't close actual program

Version 2.7

-Fixed bugs that populated the file browser for images and sounds
-Added option to select 12 or 24 hour formatted time
-Fixed problem with forms getting permanently hidden
-Alarm feature added that plays a user-selected WAV file and/or shows message
-Added options to set randomise colour and time scroll speeds in fullscreen
-Added 'From Palette...' option for all colour selections
-Added gray mode to options form for those who hate bright colours
-Fixed erratic tab behaviour on options form
-Fixed bug where background image clicks didn't do anything
-Fixed bug that caused DC to close if specified background not found
-Added 'PsySoft on the Web' menu for easy website access
-Fixed bug where selecting no background image didn't work

Version 2.6

-Completely redesigned options dialog; smaller with more options
-80% less code for DigiClock's core functionality (smaller EXE size)
-New fullscreen options (randomise colours, scrolling and background image)

Version 2.5

-All code given a good servicing, fixing many bugs in the process
-Removed title bar to stop DigiClock taking up so much room
-DigiClock can now be dragged by clicking anywhere on it's form
-System Tray support removed - who wants a useless icon anyway?
-Only one instance of DigiClock is allowed
-Now much smaller - only 165x40 pixels in normal mode
-Snaps to edge of screen area, will not exceed limits
-Automatically installs OCR A Extended font if you don't have it
-Always on top mode can be toggled from menu or options
-DigiClock can be set to start with Windows from options

Version 2.0

-Main program now always on top
-Options dialog added with ability to customise backgrounds and colours
-DigiClock should now run on all target computers

Version 1.1

-Stupid bugs fixed to make DigiClock work on some other computers