PawBrowse Change Log

A history of changes between PawBrowse versions.

Key: NEW = new feature, CNG = change, FIX = bug fix.

Version 1.1 Beta 2

CNG: Edit Image uses long file path rather than short
CNG: Improved Error Handling
CNG: Recent files and directories improved - no duplicates
FIX: Incorrect path sometimes stored in recent files and folders
FIX: Single favorite doesn't show up in Favorites Manager
FIX: Type Mismatch error on Fullscreen exit
FIX: Unsaved prompt shown on Fullscreen load and exit

Version 1.1 Beta 1

NEW: Slideshow mode
NEW: Background Color in main program can be set to Grey, Black or White.
NEW: Background Color in fullscreen mode can also be set to any of the above colors.
CNG: Fullscreen Mode is properly fullscreen - old mode removed.
FIX: File Browser Directory click bug (incorrect folder displayed).
FIX: Thumbnail resize when not in view bug.

Version 1.0

NEW: Actual Size view mode now supports smooth image scrolling on left click and drag
NEW: Undo/Redo in Edit menu implemented. Single action undo for the Image Manipulation options
NEW: Repeat Last Action in Image menu implemented. Repeats last manipulation operation performed
CNG: Improved mouse click options implemented for viewing images (scroll image/show edit menu on normal click. Shift and click to navigate back/forward)
CNG: Paste system implemented and integrated into the program
CNG: Help system improved
CNG: Favorites Manager now asks for confirmation before deleting favorites
CNG: Saved Jpegs are now loaded into PawBrowse after saving
FIX: Copy Image bug - worked only when clipboard was empty
FIX: Rename Favorite to an already existing name fixed
FIX: Full/Active Window Image Capture now works correctly in both families of Windows
FIX: Bug in Save as Jpeg where image was saved at viewing size
FIX: Error on PawBrowse startup with image load
FIX: Thumbnail Browser scrollbar and resizing bugs
FIX: Thumbnail Refresh bugs in file browser and main program
FIX: Fullscreen bug where Image disapeared on snap to screen
FIX: Currently viewed image now selected in file browser when thumbnail browser is closed
FIX: On Startup Toolbar buttons enabled/disabled appropriatly
FIX: Program didn't close while thumbs were still loading
FIX: Installer bug with Common Controls

Version 0.9

NEW: Support for saving files as jpeg - variable comression and progressive/non-progressive jpeg formats
NEW: Online new version checker added (available from Help menu)
NEW: Support for double the image formats - now up to 13 supported formats
NEW: Flip image functions - flip image horizontal, vertical or both
NEW: 25 image filters added, complete with progress bar while performing filter operations
NEW: Import and Export of favorites added to Favorites Manager (with import choice of append or clear)
NEW: Completely rewritten image handling. This greatly improves the way images are displayed in PawBrowse making all operations faster and better looking (no flicker, no redrawing). It also means the image no longer has to be hidden when a dialog is displayed. Individual improvements are discussed in changes and fixes.
CNG: Favorites Manager is now resizable
CNG: Zoom improved to prevent flicker when scrolling and redrawing
CNG: Actual and best fit view modes improved to stop flicker scrolling
CNG: Best fit and stretch to fit view modes improved to stop redrawing
CNG: Tile view mode improved to prevent need to redraw when sizing or covered
FIX: Cleaned up interface elements for Windows XP compatibility
FIX: Favorites verification system in favorites manager fixed
FIX: Closing an image doesn't open the file browser
FIX: Selecting a recent directory doesn't open the file browser
FIX: Background color variation caused by different versions of Windows

Version 0.8 (Public Beta 2)

NEW: Favorites can be ordered (moved up/down) and sorted (ascending/descending) from Favorites Manager
NEW: Added history options - enabled/disable history, change history size and clear history
NEW: Included very basic help file as base for building on and registration purposes
CNG: More user-friendly edit image function (helps user to set editor if none is already set)
CNG: Favorites manager toolbar replaces buttons
CNG: Main toolbar improved and expanded upon
CNG: Favorites manager reworked again, now changes can be saved or cancelled
CNG: Favorites now stored in 'Favorites.dat' instead of 'PawBrowse.dat'
CNG: Screen capture improved (countdown shown on taskbar, unloads capture dialog after capture)
FIX: Squashed a large pile of bugs just prior to release
FIX: Rename file function now works with filenames less than 5 characters long
FIX: Correct path shown in 'Image Properties' after using file browser
FIX: Fullscreen mode now works correctly with taskbar at left or top of screen
FIX: ScreenCaptureTemp.bmp is now deleted on program exit if it exists

Version 0.7

NEW: Option to link file browser size and position to main dialog or not
NEW: File browser toolbar added with favorites, refresh, home and file management
NEW: File management options added to File menu (rename, move, delete and copy file)
NEW: Full Screen mode added for instant full screen resizing of main dialog and file browser
NEW: 'Best Fit' view style added (a cross between actual size and stretch to fit)
NEW: Close image ability added
CNG: File browser now shows correct file selected for all operations
CNG: Minor enhancement to recent files and directories system
CNG: Toolbar and menu items are enabled and disabled at the appropriate times
CNG: Favorites Manager redesigned to use a proper table for data
CNG: Opening a file in PawBrowse externally (e.g. Explorer) now uses long path and filename
CNG: Open/Save dialog code completely rewritten (fixing many bugs)
CNG: Main menus have been tweaked in various ways
CNG: Options dialog redesigned to fit in with next generation of other PawSoft products
CNG: Toolbar completely overhauled using smaller and more icons
CNG: Status bar completely overhauled to improve look and sizing
FIX: Tile mode displays correctly (no centered overlaying image)
FIX: Associating icons and cursors with PawBrowse no longer affects their display in Explorer

Version 0.6 (Public Beta 1)

-General tidying up to create first public beta release
-Added splash screen, can be turned on/off from options
-Titlebar of File Browser and PawBrowse are now both active together
-Back / Forward buttons moved onto FileBrowser and replaced by Open / Save
-Improved toolbar code to stop it 'sticking'

Version 0.5

-Added seconds delay option to screen capture
-Favorites Manager created for easy favorite organisation
-Added option to display mouse co-ordinates
-Added option to set a home directory
-Favorite Folders system implemented
-Added basic zoom in/out functionality for actual size view style
-Improved status bar visually
-Added toolbar for easy access to common functions

Version 0.4

-Open with External Editor added
-File type associations made possible from options
-Options dialog created
-Added status bar providing image information
-Stretch to Fit image view style fully implemented
-Additional image info added; image ratio

Version 0.3

-Recent dir list added seperate from recent files
-File browser now fully resizable
-Interface enhancements

Version 0.2

-Recent files list added
-Main window now fully resizable
-Basic image view styles implemented
-Screen capture facility improved
-File Browser seperated from main window

Version 0.1

-Basic interface implemented
-Limited screen capture implemented