MiniMail Change Log

A history of changes between MiniMail versions.

Key: NEW = new feature, CNG = change, FIX = bug fix.

Version 2.1.1

NEW: Option to minimize to the system tray, taskbar or both
NEW: Last position of main dialog recalled on startup
CNG: ReadMe.txt converted into HTML page
FIX: Updated SMTP component - should fix sending mail for many users

Version 2.1

NEW: Extra Settings > Specify CC and BCC e-mail recipients
NEW: Extra Settings > Temporarily change from name and e-mail address
NEW: E-mail word-wrapping (default 72 columns, can be changed from preferences)
NEW: Control + Backspace deletes last word
CNG: Menu items re-arranged - part of MiniMail menu split off into Message menu
CNG: Accounts (from) list now displayed in format "From Name "
FIX: Signatures being stored with wrong line feed character
FIX: Error message on exit bug in Windows XP
FIX: Uninstaller not removing MiniMail item from "Add or Remove Programs"

Version 2.0

NEW: User confirmation required when exiting with an unsent message present
NEW: Option to disable Visual Styles support in Windows XP (only available from advanced preferences - press F12 to view)
NEW: Logging settings in preferences - can turn logging features on/off, save sent messages and perform maintenance functions
NEW: Font settings - can now select font, bold and italic as well as size
NEW: Multiple recipients - enter each e-mail address seperated by a comma
NEW: Uninstaller confirms removal of registry settings
NEW: Undo and redo with 100 levels
NEW: Accounts > Support for multiple e-mail accounts
NEW: Attachments > Ability to send file attachments with e-mail
NEW: Support for SMTP server authentication
NEW: Intelligent signature system when switching between and updating accounts
NEW: Accounts > Set a signature to be appended to every outgoing message
NEW: Options > Ability to set the font size of the e-mail body view
NEW: Insert menu for inserting date/time and signatures
NEW: Basic proxy server support (can use server:port for SMTP server)
NEW: Supports Visual Styles in Windows XP
NEW: Preferences dialog replaces previous options dialog
NEW: MiniMail can be minimized to the taskbar or system tray (depending on clicking minimize or close)
CNG: E-mail validator greatly improved to catch more common mistakes
CNG: All links changed to, our new domain
CNG: Clicking "From:" on the main dialog opens the accounts dialog
CNG: New SMTP engine for more reliable mail sending
CNG: Status bar updated more frequently
CNG: Mailto links are sent to the first copy of MiniMail if there is one
CNG: Redesigned main dialog to allow for more functionality
FIX: MiniMail is now brought on top of other windows when passed a mailto link
FIX: All tabindex values placed in the correct order for Tab switching
FIX: Controls (buttons, text boxes, menus) disabled during mail sending

Version 1.2

NEW: MiniMail sits in system tray when minimized (and not the taskbar)
NEW: Added option to make MiniMail into the default mail client for accepting 'mailto' links
NEW: Subject information from mailto links is placed in the subject field
CNG: Shortened advertising text appended to emails down to 2 lines
CNG: Improved layout of options dialog
CNG: Increased the error timeout duration to 45 seconds
CNG: Made the email link in the about box always use MiniMail
FIX: The email doesn't clear itself unless a send is successful
FIX: Corrected some incorrect tooltips

Version 1.1

NEW: Added keyboard shortcuts for all buttons
NEW: MiniMail now remembers any new email addresses used and keeps them in a list
NEW: Debug mode to help us look into SMTP problems (hit F12 to log SMTP responses to SMTPData.txt)
CNG: Installation system created with latest NSIS (version 1.1g)
CNG: To, subject and body are automatically cleared after an email has been sent
CNG: Redesigned the main interface to make better use of the space
CNG: Removed option for remembering last used email address and subject
FIX: Uninstall now removes the start menu items and the MiniMail folder
FIX: Fixed the tab order of the text boxes and buttons

Version 1.0

NEW: Added 'Clear' button for clearing To, Subject and Body
NEW: Added 'Validate email address of recipient' option
NEW: Added 'Require subject and body before sending' option
NEW: Added 'Remember previous email address and subject' option
CNG: Improved error handling for SMTP failures
CNG: Main dialog cannot go smaller than default size
CNG: Changed about dialog to match new PAWSoft style
CNG: Changed icon of program
FIX: Corrected a few tooltips in the options dialog