Sandmalendar Change Log

A history of changes between Sandmalendar versions.

Key: NEW = new feature, CNG = change, FIX = bug fix.

Version 0.3.1

- Fixed systray pop-up menu not closing when clicking outside of the menu
- When creating new appointment the start and end time default to current time
- Sandmalendar will warn user and exit if a previous instance is detected

Version 0.3

- Minor interface redesign
- Added item count display above to do and appointments lists
- Added menu bar, including standard Pawsoft help menu
- Preferences > Minimize behaviour setting
- Preferences > Export to do list to HTML settings
- Added quick change of to do item "Completed" status to menu
- To do list is now sorted by age of item followed by item status
- Window position should now be recalled correctly in all situations
- Sandmalendar is now distributed as an installer/uninstaller
- Removed unnecessary debug functions
- All data and configuration files are now stored in Sandmalendar\data
- Fixed days showing up as bold outside of the correct year
- Fixed ErrorLog.txt being written to parent folder
- Made right-click for menu on systray icon more reliable

Version 0.2.1

- Fixed pop-up menu showing / dialog jumping to the center of the screen when moving mouse to the far right of the program
- Fixed dialog jumping to the center of the screen when restoring from systray
- Fixed not selecting item when creating or editing to do item
- Buttons and menu items are now disabled when they cannot be used
- Appointments and to do items must have a title to be accepted
- Fixed ability to set appointment end date/time to before start date/time
- Added generic error handler to all major functions

Version 0.2

- Runs from the system tray when minimized
- User can configure appointment categories by editing category.txt
- Appointments now have a start time/date, a finish time/date and a category
- More details provided for to do & appointment in the current item view
- Greatly enhanced operation speed of to do & appointment viewing, editing and deleting
- Change of current day in calendar to red for easier visibility
- New logo.gif by Xerxes at

Version 0.1

- First release