MELMS Pro Change Log

A history of changes between MELMS Pro versions.

Key: NEW = new feature, CNG = change, FIX = bug fix.

Version 1.1

NEW: E-mail notification option - sends an e-mail to processed subscribers/unsubscribers about the updated status of their subscription
NEW: Preferences page for e-mail notification to change the subject line and content of the notification e-mails
NEW: Profile manager - displayed at program startup to allow use of multiple profiles, each with it's own settings, lists, logs etc.
CNG: Accessing help using F1 key is now context-sensitive - opens the help page for the current window
CNG: Added timestamp to console output
CNG: Only one instance of MELMS Pro can now be run at once to avoid possible conflicts
FIX: POP3 e-mail check (for automated management) not working with some servers
FIX: Dumping of all messsage headers and messages to console and StatusLog.txt
FIX: Tab orders the wrong way around on some dialogs
FIX: Erroneous status reports after composing and sending more than one message
FIX: Matching case when doing an e-mail address search

Version 1.0

NEW: Duplicate checking during email sending process prevents the message going to the same recipient more than once
NEW: Full help system with index and search
NEW: Additional logging and log maintenance options in preferences window
NEW: Open/Save draft in compose window for saving message for later use
NEW: Emails are word-wrapped, number of characters to wrap at can be set in preferences
NEW: Percentage complete and estimated time remaining shown when sending message and message sending stats are displayed after message has been sent
NEW: Failed messages are added to the pending list as removals
NEW: Send attachments with emails (Compose > Message > Attachments...)
NEW: Copy/move of email addresses between current and pending lists
NEW: 100 level undo/redo on Compose dialog
NEW: Improved options for selecting message recipients on Compose dialog
NEW: Support for sending messages to up to 1 million recipients (restriction of 30,000 addresses per list still applies)
NEW: All addresses that get processed from the pending list are logged
NEW: Unsubscription system added to POP3 Check and pending list
NEW: Command log dialog for viewing previous status bar messages
NEW: Bypass checkbox for automatic processing of the pending list after manual or automated email address addition / removal
NEW: Pending list + / - reversal button for reversing the addition / removal status of selected addresses
CNG: Upper case and leading/trailing spaces ignored when looking for 'subscribe' or 'unsubscribe' in the email check feature (e.g. 'Subscribe ' will now be accepted)
CNG: Improved effeciency and prevented hanging when switching sort order with many addresses selected
CNG: Logging system changed to use only a single file per type of log
CNG: User confirmation required when trying to exit MELMS with email addresses still on the pending list
CNG: POP3 Check handles standard formatted "from:" fields (Name <address>)
CNG: Improved visual feedback and status messages, e.g. when loading large mailing lists
FIX: Stopped allowing duplicate and invalid email addresses when editing
FIX: Removed 256 character limit on signature text
FIX: Implemented missing use of "Add signature when composing messages" option
FIX: Not ignoring case during duplicate checking could cause duplicate addresses
FIX: Status bar reporting a selection when clicking email lists in blank areas
FIX: Many other small fixes throughout the program