Bank It Change Log

A history of changes between Bank It versions.

Key: NEW = new feature, CNG = change, FIX = bug fix.

Version 2.1.1

CNG: PawSoft text link advertising removed
CNG: ReadMe.txt and WhatsNew.txt combined and made into HTML page
CNG: Various minor visual fixes and improvements

Version 2.1

NEW: Visual styles support when running under Windows XP
CNG: PawSoft banners changed to text links (reduced size by 40KB)
CNG: All links updated to
FIX: Online update checker claiming Bank It does not exist

Version 2.0

NEW: Version protocol checking to prevent future protocol change issues
NEW: Application version check over the internet (now standard in PawSoft apps)
NEW: IP address viewer for determining current IP address
NEW: All network code and design
NEW: Complete interface redesign for multiplayer usability
NEW: Sound effects (banking, winning and losing)
NEW: Multiplayer chat added
NEW: Random banner feature added
NEW: High scores and statistics dialog
NEW: Statistics generation and viewing
CNG: Tooltips added to all buttons that didn't already have them
FIX: Holding down return to continously bank points exploit

Version 1.2

NEW: Added links to PawSoft website
FIX: Fixed various bugs

Version 1.1

NEW: High scores table stores top 10 high scores and who acheived them
NEW: Keyboard shortcuts added - 'Page Up' (Higher), 'Page Down' (Lower) and 'B' (Bank)
FIX: Added error handlers to all important functions
FIX: High scores no longer overwritten with lower scores